Calhoun County Catholic Parishes 

Active Parishes: St. Mary (Lake City), St. Thomas (Manson), St. Francis (Rockwell City)

Oratory Parishes: St. Mary (Auburn), St. Mary (Pomeroy), St. Joseph (Lohrville)

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Mother Teresa

Funeral Dinners´╗┐

To the WinGS groups, Circle Chairwomen and Co-Chairwomen

As we are starting a new year, we would like to remind you of what our needs are for funerals.  First we would like to thank you for the wonderful job you do to help us provide the lunch for the family members of the deceased.

These are the menus for funeral dinners:

Ham sandwiches, potato chips, pickles, salads, bars or cake, drinks

Ham chunks in scalloped potatoes, pickles, salads, bars or cake, dinner rolls, drinks.

Ham slices, scalloped potatoes, salads, dinner rolls, cake or bars, drink.

If the family wants a lunch other than the above mentioned, they can choose to have it catered by any caterer of their choice.  We will
provide salads, cakes or bars, and drink.  If they wish, they can have the main dish or the whole meal catered and we will help with serving
the meal.

Instructions for Funerals

Need salad in serving bowl/dish to serve 10 people.

Need bars or cake in a 9x13 pan UNCUT.

If your circle is asked to provide salads, bars or cakes for a large funeral, and we need more food than your circle can provide, you can
solicit help from one or both of the other circles.

The building will be open from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm the evening prior to the funeral and 6:30 am the morning of the funeral.  Please leave a list of
donors on the island and have the cross their name off the list.  Please sign a sympathy card if provided. 

Bowls, dishes, and pans will be in the overflow/cry room for pickup immediately following lunch.

If you have any problems, questions or suggestions, please call one of us.  We also appreciate any input you can give us that will help in providing this service to our parish family.

Diane O'Connor Sommerfeld and Judy Miller