Calhoun County Catholic Parishes 

Active Parishes: St. Mary (Lake City), St. Thomas (Manson), St. Francis (Rockwell City)

Oratory Parishes: St. Mary (Auburn), St. Mary (Pomeroy), St. Joseph (Lohrville)

In an ever changing world the Holy Eucharist is a constant reminder of the great reality of God's changeless love.

Mother Teresa

Saint Francis Catholic Church Holy Name Society

Saint Francis Catholic Church has a men’s organization called the Saint Francis Catholic Church Holy Name Society.  The Holy Name Society is a Confraternity of the Catholic Church. Established in 1274, the Society was formed particularly to counteract and repair the damages wrought by the Albigensian Heresy which denied the Divinity of Christ.  Through the ages and through its entire development and growth, the Society fostered reverence for the Name and Person of Christ.  Its primary purpose is to promote love, honor and respect for the Most Holy Name of
Jesus.  It is definitely a spiritual organization destined to assist us in our personal sanctification and sanctification of their fellowman.Saint Francis Holy Name Society has always been an integral part of the Saint Francis parish in Rockwell City.  The Holy Name Society is open to all men of the parish.   These men typically meet on a quarterly basis,or more frequently should the need arise.  There are two major
fundraising events sponsored by the organization to help support the financial needs of the parish and surrounding community.

1.  Saint Francis Turkey Dinner held on the last Sunday of October.

2. Saint Francis Fair Stand  which operates during the Calhoun County Fair in July.  The fair stand is adjacent to the 4-H Exposition Building located in the Rockwell City Park.A couple of years ago, the men sought the assistance of the Saint Francis Altar Society Women’s Organization to help meet the “manpower” needs necessary to adequately and efficiently run both aforementioned events.