St. Thomas Women's Guild

Sunday Coffee and Rolls Chairpersons

    1. In addition to coming and help serve, each committee member is to bring 12 rolls (depending on the size of your committee) OR juice for the Sunday coffee AND to come and help serve.
    2. Ask each committee member to bring $10 for dues, collect and give to Joann Waller.  Checks should be made payable to St. Thomas Women's Guild.
    3. Make 100 cups of coffee.  Start coffee at 8:00 am (can make Saturday night and just turn on in the morning.) Directions for coffee are in the cupboard above the coffee pots.  Coffee is there also.
    4. Put out basket for freewill donation.
    5. Clean up kitchen, wash, dry the tables and take the garbage out to the dumpster before leaving.  Someone take towels and dishclothes home, wash, and return.
    6. Paper cups (styrofoam) for juice and coffee are in cupboards in east hallway.  Napkins are in west kitchen drawers next to the refrigerator.

NOTICE: When you charge anything to St. Thomas Women's Club, sign your name on the charge ticket and indicate why the charge is being made, e.g. Sunday breakfast.  All bills are to be sent to the treasurer, Joann Waller for payment.

Meals on Wheels for 2017

January 30-February 3

March 13-17

April 24-28

May 30-June 2

July 10-14

August 21-25

October 2-6

November 14-17

December 26-29

All monthly committees are responsible for Sunday coffee.

Sunday, February 5 (Sunday Coffee)

Chairpersons: Please collect $10.00 dues from all committee members.

Co-Chairpersons: Connie Peters and Danna Rae Snell

Jane Book, Cindy Eichelberger, Sarah Christensen, Peg Fitzgerald, Lindsay Hoeppner, Lori Kraft, Michelle Lamphier, Christy McGinty, Lisa Miller, Maria Payne, Marilyn Pierick, LuAnn Sande, Patty Schoon

Sunday, March 5 (Parish Dinner)

Volunteers are needed for the work schedule.  Big Beve's will cater a Ham Ball dinner, and we will ask for a free will offering.  St. Thomas women will furnish buns, salads and pie.

Saturday, April 8 (Tapestry of Tables, 11:00-1:30 pm) NO Sunday Coffee this month.

Chairpersons: Betty Sweet and Shelly Moline

Volunteers are needed to host tables.  There are 13 available tables this year.

Volunteers are needed to work the kitchen and serve the salad luncheon.

Sunday, May 7 (Senior Mass, Coffee & Rolls) 9:30 am, before 10:30 Mass

Chairpersons: Please collect $10.00 dues from all committee members.  Decorate tables for seniors.  Chairpersons, please check with decorating committee.  Junior class will provide a short program.

Chairpersons: Linda Sigler and Deb Troshynski

Katlyn Baumhover, Denise Besch (Decorations), Treva Carlson, Michelle Calshan, Anne Condon, Talia Condon, Lisa Lang, Katie Langenwalter, Deb Lenz, Hillary Lenz, Patty Lewis, Shaun Nimke, Jody Walsh, Denise Weiss, Marianne Weiss

Sunday, October 1 (Sunday Coffee)

Chairpersons: Please collect $10.00 dues from all committee members.

Chairpersons: Mary Kohnen and Kim Porteous

Cathryn Bishop, Connie Brokaw, Susie Drew, Roni Engledinger, Pat Ledford, Rose Mahaney, Anna Miller, Lisa Niewoehner, Susan Quaade, Carrie Peters, Peggy Rodenborn, Mary Russell, Linda Sukovaty

Sunday, November 5 (Sunday Coffee)

Chairpersons: Please collect $10.00 dues from all committee members.

Chairpersons: Linda Hock and Dawn Hock

ChristyBower, Kay Heinze, Danna Dalton, Janelle Hock, Sandy Lenz, Patty Licht, Linda Long, Janine Lynch, Joan Mallinger, Sue McGregor, Misty Patterson, Anne Reuter, Janet Schoon, Janice Welter, Kathy Zierke

Sunday, December 3 (Sunday Coffee)

Chairpersons: Jan Nelson and MIchelle Reuter

Chairpersons: Please collect $10.00 dues from all committee members.

Eileen Alig, Sheila Bradley, Melody Fitzgerald, Marisa Hamilton, Marie Kaufman, Maureen Lenz, Lisa Leppert, Liz Markert, Lori Naberhaus, Kathy Nelson, Bonnie Pierce, Julie Walstrom

Sunday, December 3 (Christmas Gift Baskets)

Chairpersons: Pam Chizek and Carrie Markert

Mary Carlson, Sharon Johnson, Deb Poppen, Kim Quade, Ann Marie Schossow, Jenny Schreier, Pat Schreier, Peg Sievert, Nancy Sulivan, Cathy Twait, Joann Waler (baskets), Mardella Waller, Heather Wittrock

Sunday, January 7, 2018 (Sunday Coffee)

Chairpersons: Please collect $10.00 dues from all committee members.

Chairpersons: Guild Officers

Jacque Beneke, Angie Bigelow, Laura Koons, Amanda Korte, Jan Miller, Jill Nelson, Carol Patzner, Amy Peterson, Lori Platt, Sharon Reed, Dlorah Schoon, Linda Schuttler, Billie Wiemers


President, Betty Sweet

Vice President, Shelly Moline

Vice President, Linda Sigler

Treasurer, Joann Waller


Mary Schreier

Marilyn Plerick

Della Nieland

Funeral Committee

Julie Storr