Calhoun County Catholic Parishes 

Active Parishes: St. Mary (Lake City), St. Thomas (Manson), St. Francis (Rockwell City)

Oratory Parishes: St. Mary (Auburn), St. Mary (Pomeroy), St. Joseph (Lohrville)

In an ever changing world the Holy Eucharist is a constant reminder of the great reality of God's changeless love.

Mother Teresa

Funeral Dinners´╗┐


  1. Julie Storr will call and let you know how many people the family is planning on attending and what they want served.
  2. Go to Affiliated Foods and order the groceries.  Tell Affiliated staff whose funeral you are ordering food for so they can fill them accordingly.  When you are figuring the number of sandwiches, figure 2 sandwiches per person. Tell Affiliated staff how many sandwiches you are planning to serve and they will figure out how many buns and how much meat you will need. Let them know when you want the groceries delivered. If you are serving sandwiches, you will need to order the meat, buns, and butter spread and then whatever they want to drink (the church will provide the coffee). Also, get ice if they want water or lemonade. We have mustard and Miracle Whip packets that can be put in baskets for each table.
  3. Call your committee members and ask for cakes (18 pieces per cake) and salads (15 salads per 100 people) and workers. If you have husbands that can help in the kitchen, that would be very helpful. Let your committee know when you are setting the hall up so they can help if they are available.
  4. The day or night before the funeral, set up the hall--placemats, plates, napkins, silverware, cups glasses, sugar and cream packets, and salt & pepper shakers.
  5. Day of funeral--make drinks and sandwiches and put salads in bowls and cake on serving platters. Serve family style--put sandwiches, cake, salads and coffee on the tables.  You may have to serve the other drinks.
  6. Clean up the hall and kitchen and take the garbage to the dumpster before you leave.
  7. You will need to ask the family what they would like done with the leftovers.
  8. If the meal is catered, you will have to put the hot disk in bowls, butter the buns and put them on plates, put salads in bowls and cake on plates.

Catering Service for Funerals

Contact Barb Jones at Big Beve's 469-2135 or Jesse Grosnickle at Shoreside Pub and Grub 469-0017 for menus and prices.

Funeral Committee Rules

In case of funerals, the Chair of the Funeral Committee will contact the chairperson whose funeral committee is to serve the funeral dinner.

For funeral committees, the women and their spouses are assigned to one of three committees. Because of the shortage of available workers, the men of the parish are asked to help serve the funeral dinners.  Dinners will alternate among these committees.  The chairpersons for these committees will serve the entire year.  Please call all the people on your list before going into another committee list.  Salads and cakes will be donated by committee members.

For those members who work outside the home and there is a Saturday funeral or a funeral on a day that your are available to help, please let your chairperson know.

Helpful suggestions  . . .

Allow 18 servings to a cake.

Request salads to serve 15 people (15 salads to serve 100 people)

Funeral Committee One

Jane Book and Linda Sigler (Chairpersons)

Eilen Alig, Katlyn Baumhover, Jacque Beneke, Denise Besch, Sheila Bradley, Mary Carlson, Treva Carlson, Pam Chizek, Sarah Christensen, Talia condon, Danna Dalton, *LuAnn Habben, Lori Kraft, Lisa Lang, Katie Langenwalter, Maureen Lenz, Sandy Lenz, Patti Lewis, Jan Miller, Carrie Markert, Jan Nelson, Jill Nelson, Lisa Niewoehner, Connie Peters, Kaye Reicks, Anne Reuter, Michelle Reuter, Mary Russell, LuAnn Sande, Dlorah Schoon, Ann Schossow, Jenny Schreier, *Mary Schreier, Betty Sweet, Deb Trosnynski, Joann Waller, *Ruth Walsh, Heather Wittrock, Kathy Zierke

Funeral Committee Two

Linda Hock and Nancy Sullivan (Chairpersons)

Cathryn Bishop, Christy Bower, Connie Brokaw, MichellenColshan, Anne Condon, Ronie Engeldinger, Dawn Hock, Janelle Hock, Sharon Johnson, Amanda Korte, *Barb Kutz, Deb Lenz, Hillary Lenz, Linda Long, Christy McGinty, Susie McGregor, Shelly Moline, Misty Patterson, Lori Naberhaus, Kathy Nelson, Carol Patzner, Maria Payne, Marilyn Pierick, Lori Platt, Deb Poppen, Kim Porteous, Susan Quade, Peggy Rodenborn, Patty Schoon, Pat Schreier, Linda Schuttler, Linda Sukovaty, *Mardella Waller, *jody Walsh, Julie Walstrom, Denise Weiss, Marianne Weiss, Janice Welter

Funeral Committee Three

Cindy Eichelberger and Susie Drew (Chairpersons)

Angie Bigelow, Melody Fitzgerald, Peg Fitzgerald, Marisa Hamilton, Kay Heinze, Lindsay Hoppener, *Virginia Janis, Marie Kaufman, *Lois Keleher, Mary Kohnen, Patty Licht, Laura Koons, Michelle Lamphier, Pat Ledford, *Carole Lynch, Janine Lynch, Rose Mahaney, Joan Mallinger, Liz Markert, Anna Miller, *Della Nieland, Shaun Nimke, Carrie Peters, Amy Peterson, Bonnie Pierce, Kim Quade, Sharon Reed, Peg Seivert, Janet Schoon, Danna Rae Snell,
Cathy Twait, Billie Weimers