St. Francis Altar Society

All women of St. Francis are encouraged to be active members to serve our church and community.
Dues are $5.00 a year.

Priest: Fr. Lynn Bruch

Priest in Residence:Fr. Clair Boes

President: Michelle Dischler
Vice President: 
Secretary: Paula Klocke

Circle Chairpersons
Circle #1: Sandy Feld and Marcia Lynch
Circle #2: Joy Monahan
Circle #3: Peg Lenz
Circle #4: Monica Wuebker

Funeral Committee
Chairwomen : Eleanor Monahan and Shirley Burd
Funeral Committee: Jan Collison, Sandi Feld, Verna Grant, Maureen Hobart, Carol Hupton, Rose Kutz, Cathy Lensing, Jane Mertes, Elaine Ridgely, Barb Sexton, Carolyn Wuebker

Devotions: Maureen Hobart
Church Women United: Marty Minnick and Judy Ellis
Life Serve Blood Rep: Joy Monahan

Prayer Chain: Mary Stell
Meals on Wheels: Joleen Ruth

Meals on Wheels


June 3-7 Circle #2

July 8-12 Cirlce #3

Aug. 12-16 Circle #4

Sept. 16-20 Cirlce #1

Oct. 21-25 Circle #2

Nov. 25-27 Circle #3

Dec. 30-31, Jan. 2-3 Cirlce #4